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So Much for the Pitching! Braves Drop Opener, 10-5

I'm going to start off with a recycled comment...


Granted, Tim Hudson was no picnic either today, but once Reitsma started throwing, the game was over.

So much for the low scoring pitcher's duel.  The Astros go out and get 10 runs on 11 hits and...9 WALKS! That's right, count 'em...9! When was the last time an Atlanta pitching staff gave up 9 walks in any game, let alone a playoff game?? Hudson was in trouble from the start and never really looked comfortable out there. But Reitsma killed any chance of a comeback.

Chipper and Andruw did their part as usual and Francoeur chipped in 2 hits. Even Brian Jordan contributed with a great leaping catch. But it wasn't meant to be I guess.

Did I mention we need to sit Chris Reitsma?

Tomorrow's another day and Smoltz is on the mound. That's the good news. The bad news is that the job doesn't get any easier for the Braves batters as they must face the legend known as Roger Clemens.

Let's keep hoping...The sun'll come out, tomorrow...

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