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When you look at all these rumors
Surrounding me every day
I just need some time
Some time to get away

My mind keeps drifting back to the lyrics of Timex Social Club's one hit wonder from 1986.

Everywhere I look there's another rumor. Manny going to NY, Texas, Cleveland, Philadelphia...Julio Lugo heading to Atlanta, Chicago...Andy Marte going just about everywhere...Ughh!!!!

Is your head spinning yet? Just two days remain for the Winter Meetings in Dallas. Every name imaginable has been tossed around with few players actually changing addresses. You get the sense, though, that something is bound to happen over the next few days.

What not to expect...The Braves will not be acquiring Juan Pierre and they will not be trading Salty, Davies, or McCann.

On the other hand there are other possibilities. According to, "(Edgar) Renteria, Boston's prize free agent acquisition last winter who has fallen out of favor after a 30-error season, could be headed to the Atlanta Braves as part of a three-way deal with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in which the Sox would receive Devil Rays shortstop Julio Lugo while the Devil Rays would get prospects from Atlanta, presumably highly regarded third baseman Andy Marte and another player."

Again this is just a rumor...and thank God for that! I mean, would you deal Marte + another player/prospect for Edgar Renteria and his hideous contract? I guess you'd really have to hate Wilson Betemit to pull off something like that. But then again, Renteria would be making less than Rafael Furcal over the next three seasons. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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