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Welcome to Talking Chop!

Hi everybody and welcome to Talking Chop, the Atlanta Braves entry into the SB Nation family! My name is Joe Hamrahi and many of you know me from my "other" site, Baseball Digest Daily. You may also know me from my postings on other SB Nation sites such as John Sickels' Minor League Ball and Marc Normandin's Beyond the Boxscore.

Over the years I have grown very fond of the Braves organization, despite being a Mets fan growing up. I always thought that the Braves just "got it." And while I still pull for the Mets, I have become as big a follower of the boys down in Atlanta as the team up in New York.

Talking Chop will be OUR chance to talk about the Braves organization on a daily basis. We'll relive the games, yell, scream, cheer, chastise, and yes, chop! We'll talk to the players, the front office, and personnel down on the farm. In other words, we will discuss just about anything that has to do with the Atlanta Braves.

So grab your tomahawk and get ready to start Talking Chop!

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