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A Little Off Topic...

I'll get back to baseball in a minute, but I'd like to address something a lot more important first. The events this week on our Gulf coast affected millions of people in this country. Lives were lost and homes were destroyed. And that's only the beginning. Things are bound to get worse before they get better.

I was fortunate enough to have visited both New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi (to attend two Mississippi Braves games and meet Jeff Francoeur) over the past few months. I enjoyed some great times and met some wonderful people, many of which I'm proud to call my friends.

Tonight, Baseball Digest Daily donated its 2005 subscription revenues to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. I encourage everyone to try to give a little something, anything, to help our friends in the south. You don't have to give a lot. Every little bit helps. But just as we came together after 9/11, it's important we rally around this cause and support our fellow countrymen. Thank you.

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