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Live from Turner Field - Open Game Thread - Reds at Braves

Reporting live from Atlanta Braves pressbox...

It's Hudson vs. Milton

Top of the 1st...Reds go quietly
Lopez grounds out to SS
Kearns singles down the RF line (nice play by Francoeur to hold him to a single)
Jr. hits into a 4-6-3 DP

Bottom of the 1st...
Furcal taps out on the first pitch
Giles flies out to CF on the first pitch
Chipper hits a 3-2 pitch way out to left field (estimated at 425 feet)!
Andruw goes down swinging
1-0 Atlanta

Top 2nd
Adam Dunn flies out to CF on the 1st pitch he sees
Casey bloops a single to CF
LaRue rips a double down the left field line past a diving Chipper
Hudson then strikes out Encarnacion and Olmeda to get out of the inning

Bottom 2nd
Julio Franco strikes out swinging
Francoeur strikes out swinging looking real bad
Estrada pops out to end the inning...still 1-0 Braves

Ok, from this point out, instead of doing play by play, I'll highlight some interesting points of each inning...

3rd Inning

Hudson picks up his 3rd straight K but also allows 2 more singles, living dangerously, but getting out of the jam. Kearns rips the ball again, looking more like the confident player we saw a few years ago.

Furcal hits a 2 out double for the Braves and looks like he really wants a big contract! He dies at 2nd.

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