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DeRo Headed back to the NL...but not with the Braves

After finding himself in Texas last year, former Braves infielder Mark DeRosa is cashing in on a career year with a big contract from the Chicago Cubs, reports ESPN's Buster Olney. The Cubs seem to be tapping DeRo to play second base full time. Count me as someone who is somewhat skeptical. I know baseball people have always been keen on DeRosa's ability and gamesmanship, but the Cubs are reportedly going to give him a three year deal worth $13 million. This is a guy who had a career year last season and still managed to strike out over 100 times. If he's going to be your second baseman for three years, then he's underpaid. If he's going to be your uber utility man (DeRo played six different positions for the Rangers last year), then he's being overpaid. This smacks of the usual m.o. of the Cubs of just throwing money around hoping to strike up some sort of perfect storm that will carry them to the postseason. They better hope that he performs like he did last year for the next three years, and not like he had in the previous five seasons.

This deal actually reminds me of another Braves infielder whom the Cubs signed to a big contract after a career year. Anyone want to wager a guess as to who I'm talking about?

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