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Rumors A-Swirling

It seems as though the Jake Peavy rumors were too good to be true, but today we can pile on some more wonderful rumoring of BIG trades that the Braves may be thinking of. First up is this rumor from the Chicago Sun-Times regarding Andruw Jones:

...sources say the Sox have strong interest in Atlanta Braves center fielder Andruw Jones, who might be willing to waive his no-trade protection to play for Ozzie Guillen. Jones will be a free agent next season, but his agent is Sox nemesis Scott Boras, so that could be a deal-breaker.

"Sources," eh? The White Sox have a lot of young talent, and I could see this deal involving Brandon McCarthy and Brian Anderson. The Sox system is flush with good young pitchers. The second rumor comes to us from the Dallas Morning News regarding a couple pitchers:

The Rangers are also expected to explore more serious talks with Atlanta, which could be willing to move Tim Hudson or Horacio Ramirez. Atlanta is seeking help for its bullpen, particularly a setup man for Bob Wickman. The Rangers have a proven setup man in Akinori Otsuka, but he was the Rangers' closer in 2006.

I'm not sure how the Rangers would match up. They are a bit jaded after losing out on Matsuzaka, where they thought their $27 million bid would get it done. They've already lost DeRosa and they are likely to lose Gary Matthews Jr. and Vicente Padilla, and their desire is to apparently add "proven veteran" starting pitching. With the prices that guys like Zito, Lilly, Suppan and company are going to command on the free agent market, we look very well positioned to move some of our starting pitching to fill our needs. If clubs are willing to overpay for free agents, perhaps they are willing to "over-trade" to land the big players.

The one thing the Peavy rumors reminded us of yesterday, is that regardless of all the players rumored to be in trades, John Schuerholz usually surprises us with the player he acquires. Quite often it's someone you never thought was available in the first place - Lofton, Drew, even Kolb - hey, they don't all work out.

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