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SBN Awards: Managers of the Year

Well, there's not much surprise here, I don't think. I'm pretty sure that Jim Leyland and Joe Girardi will win in their respective leagues during the real BBWAA voting. This will of course put a bit more pressure on Fredi Gonzalez to at least do as good a job as Girardi did. I must say, I don't like Girardi as a person (or as a personality), but I do think he's a great manager.

In the NL I voted for (1) Bruce Bochy, (2) Joe Girardi, and (3) Charlie Manuel. I thought Bochy deserved it over Girardi since the rag-tag group he had to work with actually went to the playoffs. I also wanted to give a little love to Manuel, since I think he's a vastly underrated manager, and for the second year in a row they played great ball right up to the very end.

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