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Can We Just Forget About Tom Glavine

It is going to be drilled into our heads this off-season; "are the Braves going to sign Tom Glavine." We just know he wants to come back to Atlanta, and I could just give a shyt less. I don't want him. I don't want him. I don't want him.

He's going to get paid by someone, overpaid most likely, because he's almost a 300 game winner, and they're going to pay him for what he's done in the past, and not what his 41 year-old body can do now. So the Mets are reportedly offering Glav a two year $25 million deal - that's lunacy, and I don't want any part of it. I don't care how desperate the Mets are for pitching; surely the answer is not throwing $12.5 million at him when he's 42.

We proved for a half dozen seasons that Tom Glavine is a waste of money. He put up good stats and looked real good doing it, but he's just not the big game pitcher that everyone thinks he is. He's built for the marathon of the regular season and not for the sprint of the post-season. Maybe it's because he left us Braves fans with such a bad taste during his last post season with us, or maybe it's just because he left us and that gave us a bad taste - either way I still don't think he's the big game pitcher he's built up to be (no more than Jeff Suppan).

Give me John Smoltz over Tom Glavine any day of the week. The other real downer about the Mets possibly paying $12.5 million a year for Glavine is that, much like they did when they signed Kris Benson a couple of years ago, they will be setting the bar for starting pitching salaries wildly high and jacking up the costs that other teams will have to pay for the rest of the pitchers in the market. If Glavine is worth $12.5, surely Zito is worth $17-$18, and anyone that can pry Dontrelle away from the Marlins may have to pay him just as much in a couple of years. But, like the Commish said, baseball is awash in cash to the tune of $5 billion, and no one is holding a gun to these GM's heads making them agree to these contracts. If they're going to pay it, you might as well take it. But as for Glavine, I don't want the Braves to have any part of it.

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