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Every New York Paper Talks about Glavine

The New York Times:

Nothing else -- not money, not personal relationships, not his pursuit of 300 victories -- but Glavine has said that his family's wishes will dictate his decision, and the Mets anticipate him needing until next week, after he returns from vacation, to make up his mind.

The New York Post:

However, Minaya strongly emphasized that the Mets still covet the veteran southpaw. The GM said the club hasn't made an official decision on the option yet, but he will sit down with COO Jeff Wilpon today and finalize the matter.

"At the end of the day, we hope to have Tom with us," Minaya told The Post yesterday. "If Tom wants to come back, we'll figure out a way to bring him back."

The New York Daily News:

Glavine, who restructured his deal earlier this year to include mutual options that both sides basically agreed would not be exercised, has spent the past several weeks mulling whether to continue his bid to reach the 300-win plateau with the Mets or closer to his family in Atlanta. Glavine (290 career victories) would like to decide his future before the winter meetings begin Dec. 4, agent Gregg Clifton indicated Friday.

The Star Ledger:

Tom Glavine doesn't even know for sure if the Atlanta Braves want him just as he's not sure whether he wants to pitch for them again. But, shortly after midnight tonight, both parties will have the opportunity to find out the other's intention.

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