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Giles Destination Update

The often over-rumored deal that would send Marcus Giles to the Padres for a warm cup of coffee took a serious blow today as the news out of San Diego is that the team has reached a preliminary agreement with infielder Craig Counsell:

Counsell should be in the fold within a few days, giving the Padres a potential leadoff man to replace Roberts. Although Counsell can fill a utility role, he is expected to replace second baseman Josh Barfield...

We may never know how serious the Braves were about trading Giles to San Diego, or how serious San Diego was about acquiring him. Everyone in the world thinks that Marcus will be traded this off-season, but with Counsell set to take over second for the Pads, where might Giles be headed? I think the short list includes the Giants, A's, Red Sox, and Angels.

The Giants need a replacement for Ray Durham, who becomes expendable with the arrival of Dave Roberts as leadoff man. They have a young college second baseman in Kevin Frandsen, but many think that he is just a utility guy at best.

The A's are intriguing because GM Billy Beane reportedly coveted Giles during the discussions for the Hudson trade. They may be unhappy with Mark Ellis and ready to make a change at second. There is plenty to like in the Oakland system, and JS would probably not have a hard time finding a good match.

If the Red Sox don't believe Dustin Pedroia is ready to take over at second base, then Giles could be a good one year fit for them, and it may only take a Hansen or Lester to get the Braves to pull the trigger. With the windfall of good prospects expected to be gained from the impending trade of Manny Ramirez, the Sox probably wouldn't mind giving up one of them to add more power in Giles until Pedroia is ready.

The Angels are another team who might want to wait one more year before working in their second baseman of the future. Howie Kendrick is projectably similar to Marcus Giles, but may still need more refinement.

Other options may include the Tigers (wanting more than Neifi Perez as second), the Royals (simply because Dayton Moore is there), or the Cardinals (are Aaron Miles or Ronnie Belliard long term solutions).

Update [2006-11-29 13:12:50 by gondeee]:So it seems as though the Brewers have won the Counsell sweepstakes. Now we'll see if the Padres go after Graffanino or switch back to a trade for Giles.

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