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Andruw Takes Home another Gold Glove

He's still got it; we know that and apparently so does the rest of baseball. It was announced late Friday that Andruw Jones won his 9th consecutive Rawlings Gold Glove Award. This further solidifies him as one of the greatest center fielders of all time, and the best center fielder of his era. Former Braves pitcher Greg Maddux also won his 16th Gold Glove Award for best defensive pitcher.

As an aside to even more postseason award hardware for Andruw is the looming possibility of a trade. But ESPN's Peter Gammons doesn't think that Andruw is going anywhere this off-season:

...the cost of what the Braves would need in a trade and what Boras would need to not go into next fall's free agent market makes him extremely expensive.

Things are further complicated by the desire of Andruw to stay in Atlanta, and his right as a 10/5 man to veto any trade. If we do work out a deal with another team it would most likely have to be a trade and sign, wherein we would provisionally trade Andruw and give the acquiring club a two or three day window to work out contract extension with him and his agent (the beloved Scott Boras). That's a weighty proposition for any club that wants to acquire him, when in all likelihood they could just wait a year and sign him as a free agent without having to give up anything more than a draft pick. I too think it's highly unlikely that AJ is going anywhere this off-season.

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