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Bowman Wraps Up the First Two Days

There is an excellent article over at the Braves site by their beat reporter Mark Bowman. I must say this is probably the best article I've seen so far that addresses just about every rumor; it is a must read.

For me the most striking comment from Schuerholz was this:

"I've never made a trade for financial reasons," Schuerholz said. "I've made trades to make our club better."

Okay, so what was the Kevin Millwood trade John? Maybe that's digging at the past a bit, but c'mon what was that if not a salary dump.

But aside from that, there are some comments from Schuerholz that reveal a bit more than usual. It also seems from comments that Scott Boras made that an Andruw Jones trade was/is seriously discussed. So that makes players rumored to be in trades as virtually our entire roster save for McCann, Francoeur, Edgar, Smoltz, and Chipper.

It seems as thought we had a trade all but worked out with the Orioles which included Giles, LaRoche, Roberts, and Penn, but Baltimore owner Peter Angelos squashed it - typical.

From Schu's talk, it seems that there are several things that could fall into place at any moment......almost makes one not want to go to sleep - damn you hot stove league!

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