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The Penas are Sent Packing

The Braves optioned both of their Penas to AAA yesterday, Bryan and Tony. Tony had gotten a lot of at-bats this spring, but was only 11 for 44, though he did have 2 triples and 2 doubles. Bryan lost a lot of time this spring to the rising star of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, getting only 12 at-bats, but making the most of them by going 4 for 12 with only one strikeout. I was disappointed to see Bryan not get a longer look this spring, since he had a great season in the winter leagues, hitting .326 with 15 doubles. He's never been a home run hitter, but the switch-hitting catcher certainly hits well for average, as his minor league numbers attest. He would most likely be the first catcher in line to be called up if there is an injury to Pratt. But if, heaven forbid, there is an injury to McCann, he may be passed over for Salty. At 39, Pratt is not likely to be around in the majors for too much longer as a player, and it is very likely that Bryan Pena could become McCann's backup next season (Salty doesn't project as a backup). As for Tony, the son of the former major league player and manager has proven to be a light hitter with only average speed. As he plays his second season of AAA this year, he may be hitting his ceiling as a prospect.

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