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I Really Miss John Rocker

He never ceases to entertain, whether he intends to or not. I had given him a nickname back when he was playing that never stuck, probably because I wasn't blogging then, but let me lay it on you now. I figured he was always stewing things up, so I called him 'John The Boat Rocker.' Corny, right? Anyway, I think it fits him quite well.

He's like the kid in your middle school class who went through puberty way before everyone else, and he's twice as big as he should be and really doesn't know how to control his body yet. So he's always tripping over himself and stumbling about, and he's constantly embarrassed so he just lurks around taking oversized steps everywhere he goes.

I always thought Rocker would do well on the WWE, but he never went that route. C'mon John, there's still time.

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