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20 Things We Learned From the First Month of the Season

  1. Andruw Jones can still hit homeruns and carry the team offensively at times.
  2. Adam LaRoche strikes out way too much to be an everyday first baseman.
  3. Jorge Sosa's 2005 season was a fluke.
  4. Kyle Davies is the real deal.
  5. Chuck James is the real deal.
  6. Jeff Francoeur has never seen a pitch he didn't want to swing at.
  7. John Smoltz is still our best pitcher, by far.
  8. Andruw Jones should not be leading the team in stolen bases.
  9. We are all glad we didn't trade John Thompson.
  10. Oscar Villarreal is very lucky.
  11. We have an endless supply of rookies, and the willingness to use them.
  12. Brian McCann is our most underrated player.
  13. Matt Diaz is not as good as his spring training led us to believe.
  14. Chipper Jones may never have another injury-free season.
  15. This team needs Edgar Renteria to be healthy and in the lineup every day.
  16. We will see Martin Prado in Atlanta again, and he will be around for a long time.
  17. Tony Pena, Jr. is the second coming of Rafael Belliard.
  18. Chris Reitsma is a nail-biter of a closer.
  19. Jeff Francoeur needs to learn to hit on the road.
  20. If the first month is any indication, it's going to be a very long season. . . . . . . . .

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