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Let Me Be Your Reporter

So I just got some big news from fellow blogger Joe "Code of Hammurabi" Hamrahi. He has awesomely obtained for me some media credentials for this Saturday's game verses the Nationals through his other site, Baseball Digest Daily. I will be arriving at the crack of dawn and warming my hands from the cool morning air by building a small campfire in right field. After breakfast, I'll hike up "Mount BudZone," and on further up as I enjoy the view of the Ted from the Top of the Chop. Later on I'll repel down the worlds largest outdoor high definition screen and vanish from site behind the batter's eye. Then I'll. . . oh, who am I kidding, security will have already kicked me out by then.

What I'll really do is get there about two hours and 45 minutes before the game starts (I don't want to seem too eager), and feel my way around the press box and club house before watching some batting practice on the field. I don't have any specific interviews set up, but I may try to casually catch some players and ask them some questions.

I thought I would give everyone here a chance to chime in with any questions you may have always wanted to ask a player, but never had the chance to. I can't promise any of them will get asked, after all, the player's might ignore me like I'm a freshman and it's the first day of school. But now's your chance to try and get your questions asked.

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