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It's Time to Get Out the Vote

Whether you're going to Braves games or not, you can still vote your favorite (Braves) players to the All-Star team. And when you vote on-line, you don't have too worry about hanging chads, or dimpled chads, or swinging chads, or. . . well, you get the point.

Like the last several years, you can vote anytime you want on-line by clicking here. You can also vote up to 25 times before voting ends on June 29th. So without further ado, here are the players that Talking Chop wants you to vote for, starting with the American League:

  • 1B: Jim Thome, CWS (Write-In) - This is a tough one, because you have to write him in. And there are a lot of quality candidates at first like Giambi, Hafner, Shelton, but Thome's on top of the AL in just about everything that counts, and he should be voted to Pittsburgh.
  • 2B: Luis Castillo, MIN - This is a weak position in the AL, but old Luis is doing good this year, and he's actually driving in runs, something he rarely did in Florida. Seattle's Jose Lopez is another good choice.
  • SS: Miguel Tejada, BAL - He's a selfish prick sometimes, but he's the best shortstop in the world.
  • 3B: Mike Lowell, BOS - There are a lot of medium choices here; Blalock, Crede, Chavez, Glaus, A-Rod, even Melvin Mora, hell throw Ty Wigginton into the deep end. But Lowell has rebounded really well this year, and he does lead baseball in doubles, so I guess that something. Really, anything to keep A-Rod out of the game would be nice.
  • C: Victor Martinez, CLE - He's the best of a close field of guys that include Ramon Hernandez, Joe Mauer, A.J. Pierzynski, I-Rod, Posada, and Varitek. Any of these guys would be deserving.
  • OF: Vernon Wells, TOR; Nick Swisher, OAK (Write-In); Vladimir Guerrero, ANA - It's time for a bit of new blood in the `game, and Wells and Swisher are a couple of rising stars. There are many other good choices here, but I'm casting my vote for some small market guys.

    National League:

  • 1B: Albert Pujols, STL - So he's having an `ok' year, in the Ruthian sense. Apologies to Lance Berkman, Ryan Howard, Carlos Delgado, and Nick the stick. No, at this point Adam LaRoche deserves to be on no one's ballot.
  • 2B: Chase Utley, PHI - Yes, it hurts to vote for a Philly, but Utley's been good for a while now, and deserves to go. Vidro would also be a good choice. Dan Uggla has an outside shot.
  • SS: Edgar Renteria, ATL - Yes, there is a Braves bias on this site, but you can't argue with a 24 game hitting streak and the way he's bounced back from a terrible year in Boston. Other good choices here are Hanley Ramirez, old man Omar Vizquel, and Felipe Lopez but for his defense. Of course, everyone in New York is going to vote for stinkin' Jose Reyes, yuk.
  • 3B: Miguel Cabrera, FLA - I would love nothing more that to say Chipper Jones here, but we all know it's going to be a horse race between Cabrera and David Wright for the next decade, and when in doubt don't vote for the Mets' player. Morgan Ensberg is also a good choice here.
  • C: Brian McCann, ATL - He is the best catcher in baseball, period. Hitting-wise there's no question, and on the base running side of the game, he's got the fourth highest caught stealing percentage in the majors. Apologies to no one.
  • OF: Carlos Lee, MIL; Andruw Jones, ATL; Matt Holliday, COL - I just can't write Carlos Beltran's name in here, even though he probably deserves it over Holliday. There are a lot of good choices here; Josh Willingham, Pat the bat, even a guy like Dave Roberts. Jeff Francoeur might ascend to this level if he continues his hitting streak, raises his average, and keeps moving up the leaderboard in RBIs. It's too bad Lance Berkman is now playing first base, because he would be an easy choice here.

    So now it's your job to `get out the vote.' (I really never got why people say it that way.)


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