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Bemoaning the Loss of Davies

I've been groaning and snarling while rolling my eyes for a couple of days now at the loss of Kyle Davies to the disabled list due to a groin pull. The main reason for this is that now we will have to endure more Jorge Sosa starts. Right when we were all set to get Horacio off the DL, and move Sosa to the back of the pen, whammo! An injury derails those supposed plans. It's not that Davies has been that much better than Sosa this year, though it seems like he has, heck he's won two more starts than Sosa has, but Davies has much more projectability and talent than Sosa does. It hurts to see him go down.

This injury will further confuse things, since someone will have to fill in for Davies in his next scheduled start before Horacio is even ready to come back from his rehab assignment at Richmond. And who will that starter be? It could be Chuck James, who could come off the DL and come in from the bullpen to make the start. But he will likely not be ready for another week or so. It could be Anthony Lerew, who is on the 40-man roster and has been starting at Richmond, and stinkin' up the joint with an 8.44 ERA (think 35 ER in 37.1 IP, ick). It could be journeyman starter Travis Smith who has been stellar at Richmond, going 3 and 1 with a 2.91 ERA in eight starts. Problem with him is that he is not on the 40-man roster.

Mark Bowman lays out some other scenarios.


There is a very tempting offer that just started over at the newly renamed The Braves Show, which was formerly HotlantaDugout. At any rate it's still the same quality work from Bill Shanks. So the tempting offer I was referring to is a free subscription to Sports Illustrated when you buy an annual subscription to The Braves Show. I had been mulling an annual subscription for some time now, and this may be what finally pushes me over the edge.


Congrats to JC over at Sabernomics for getting a mention in the Wall Street Jorunal.


VOTE VOTE VOTE for the Braves' All-Stars: Brian McCann, C; Edgar Renteria, SS; and Andruw Jones, OF.

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