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Braves Meet the Gondeee Challenge, Can they Meet Another?

The Braves heard my challenge, issued before this stretch of games against the Marlins and Nationals, to win at least eight of those ten games. And with today's win against the Fish they accomplished that feat. The Braves are now one game over .500, the plateau we needed to reach before we started thinking about anyone else in the division. Well, I still think we should hold off talking about catching the Phillies or catching the Mets until we have a winning road trip - something we have not yet done this year. The upcoming trip against the Diamondbacks, Padres, and Cubs will be just the right challenge. That's nine games on the road, and my new goal for the team is for them to win six of those nine. It would be nice if they could take each series, thrice winning two out of three. That would continue their streak of series wins that started last week in Florida.

Also, don't forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE for the Braves' All-Stars: Brian McCann, C; Edgar Renteria, SS; and Andruw Jones, OF. And after his performance the past two weeks, you should feel no shame in voting for Jeff Francoeur, if it pleases you.

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