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Baseball is Weird

It was like I hadn't even gotten to the ballpark yet. The sun was barely down below the horizon, and already the game was over. It is quite a weird feeling, the two hour baseball game. Contrast it to the day before, which took three and a half hours to complete; this sparsely attended Monday night game took barely two hours. And it was because of the mastery of Tim Hudson.

And if only Huddy had not given up a hit to the pitcher, the pitcher, then Monday night in Atlanta might have been even more special. But it was the unspoken code of starting pitchers that required Hudson to give up that hit, since Jennings had let him have a hit the inning before. A hit, in fact, that scored what proved to be the only run the Braves would need. If only it wasn't for the code!

Anyway, it was a great night for baseball once again in Atlanta. Too bad hardly anyone was at the ballpark. The official attendance was a hair over 19K, but I'll bet you there were barely 10K people there. But those handfuls of people got to see one of the best games ever pitched by Tim Hudson, a one hitter of the Colorado Rockies; the same Rockies who have the most hits in the National League. But even the best can be bested in this weird game of baseball.

By the way, this was the second one-hitter I've seen at the Ted. I was about 15 rows behind home plate in 1999 when John Smoltz one-hit the Reds. That game too was poorly attended as it was in the afternoon and slightly overcast.

Colorado Record: (15-11)
Atlanta Record: (11-14)

Winning pitcher - Tim Hudson (2-2)
Losing pitcher - Jason Jennings (1-2)

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