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El Mundo de Beisbol es Loco

So last night was a rather forgettable game, again. Missed opportunities, sloppy defense, erratic pitching, we're playing like a second division team right now. That just adds to the notion that this season is kinda crazy so far. Cincinnati is leading the Central division, Colorado is tied for the Western division lead, the Rangers are in first place in the American League West, Kansas City is the worst team in baseball (okay, that, that's not unexpected). And on our own crazy Atlanta team, located in the middle of the National League East standings, our best pitcher, John Thompson, who has the third best ERA league is 0-2. Not to mention, a couple former Braves now in their forties, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux, are one and five respectively in ERA in the NL and have a combined 9-3 record, with a combined age of 80. Just crazy.

But aside from the craziness of the '06 season, is the serious issue of Atlanta's problem with trying to win games on the road - they can't seem to do it. They have now lost five straight road games. They are suffering from a lack of overall hitting, and especially a lack of timely hitting. Jeff Francoeur spells it out:

"We've got to go up there [New York] and play well," Jeff Francoeur said. "We need to have a good series. We need to score some runs and jump out. We haven't done that too much this year. We've been playing a lot of close games. In the later innings, we haven't been getting the timely hits."

Some notable items from the game include, but are not limited to; Edgar Renteria extended his hitting streak to 20, Macay McBride made his first Major League appearance of the year and it was a bit rocky, Peter Moylan finally made another appearance in a game after being recalled from Richmond, and Marcus Giles went 0-5 for the second straight game after his 4-5 breakout game.

Atlanta 3, Philadelphia 6 at Citizens Bank Park
Atlanta Record: (12-16)
Philadelphia Record: (14-14)

Winning pitcher - Cory Lidle (3-3)
Losing pitcher - John Thomson (0-2)
SV - Arthur Rhodes (1)

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