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This is an All-Pitch

All pitchers please line up and get ready to get in the game. Yep, the Braves found multiple ways to blow the lead in the opening game of (yet another) series against the Mets. I must admit that I did not watch the game as I was celebrating Mexican Independence Day with appropriately themed beverages. But reading the box score this morning was just a tad bit depressing, and it has nothing to do with the hangover generated by multiple Corona's (binge drinking rules!).

At any rate, we used the entire bullpen. All seven bullpen pitchers got in the game, but not all of them pitched well. The thing that immediately jumps out when reading the pitching lines are the walks, 13 of them. And every one of those pitchers that got in the game except for McBride gave up at least one walk.

Davies didn't pitch too well, McBride began the squandering of the four-run lead, Reitsma blew the save in the 11th after a Betemit homerun off of Wagner, and Sosa found a new way to lose a ballgame - in relief.

It might be time for a closed door clubhouse meeting. Of course that might have to wait, as Saturday's game starts at one. It's probably too early to talk about how many games out of first we are, but it's starting to be something of a concern. Another concern is that we blew another close game. It seems like every game we lose, we're losing it by one or two runs, that needs to change.

Atlanta 7, N.Y. Mets 8 in 14 innings at Shea Stadium
Atlanta Record: (12-17)
N.Y. Mets Record: (20-9)

Winning pitcher - Jorge Julio (1-1)
Losing pitcher - Jorge Sosa (0-5)

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