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It's Hammy Time

Just when you though it was okay to stretch, the good ol' most common injury in baseball (or at least it seems that way) jumps up and bites you. In the middle of the Braves 14 inning marathon with the Mets, Chuck James strained his right hammy. With the team having used every pitcher on the staff, they quick-like activated Horacio Ramirez from the 15-day DL where he was recovering from a strained hammy.

Problem is, he wasn't fully recovered, so they put him back on the 15-day DL Sunday with, you guessed it, a strained right hammy. He'll be sent to Richmond on a rehabilitation assignment. So, there is now an available 25-man roster spot. Even with the off day, the Braves probably still need to recall another reliever, so who will it be? Here are the candidates who are already on the 40-man roster and are not already injured:

Jose Ascanio - 19 walks in 29.1 innings; Nope
Joey Devine - Still in need of staying on the DL; Nope
John Foster - Still on DL, no rehab scheduled yet; Nope
Anthony Lerew - Continues to get bombed at Richmond, with an 8.18 ERA; Nope

So, that would be the available guys. Also, 86 Lance Cormier because he just went on the DL. Can you smell another rookie? Rookie number seven this year? Is it Talking Chop fave Will Startup time in Atlanta already?

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