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Can We Win the Games We Should?

That will be the question asked over the next 10 days; a span over which the Braves play the Marlins for three games on the road, the Nationals for three games at home, and the Marlins again for four games at home. These are teams with a combined record of 19 - 42. Both teams have actually been better on the road, with only five wins between them coming at home, against 22 losses.

The Braves have played only 11 games at home this year, and have a winning record (believe it or not) of 6 - 5 at the Ted. Their road record of 7 - 13 is the thing that is suffocating them right now. But the next 10 games are against third division opponents, and we'll only see Dontrell once at most - we should win at least eight of these games, if not more. This is our chance to right the ship, to get on the positive side of the .500 mark. This will tell us if we belong in the race, or if we are seeing the early crumblings of the Braves Era.

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