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The L Word

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Here we go again, back to the losing way. It was another close game, and the 20th one-run loss the Braves have suffered this season. A lackluster offense on the day was to blame for the Braves only scoring two runs. Despite getting eight hits, the team once again had a tough time hitting with runners in scoring position, with Giles, Renteria, McCann, Thorman, and Langerhans all going hitless.

Starting pitcher Lance Cormier certainly worked his way out of jams tonight. After allowing 11 hits and walking four he gave up only three runs in five and two-thirds innings. The bullpen also did a good job for the second straight night, shutting out the D-Rays for two and a third innings.

Scott Thorman needed about two more feet on a ball he hit to the wall in the ninth inning for it to be a homerun. As has happened lately for the Braves, Carl Crawford made a perfectly timed leaping catch up against the wall to rob Thorman of any type of hit, and end any hopes of a rally getting off the ground.

Anyway, on to tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to Chuck James' first Major League start. I think he has a very bright future ahead of him, and I can't wait to see how he works through a game as a starter.

Atlanta 2, Tampa Bay 3 at Tropicana Field
Atlanta Record: (31-44)
Tampa Bay Record: (33-42)

Winning pitcher - Tim Corcoran (1-0)
Losing pitcher - Lance Cormier (2-3)
SV - Chad Harville (1)