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Ranking Brent Lillibridge: Conclusion

Following up on the poll results from my earlier post regarding where our newly acquired shortstop prospect Brent Lillibridge should be ranked; it was a close race between three, four, and five, but in the end ranking him fourth above Joey Devine won out. I voted for ranking him second above Campbell since I think as a college prospect he's much more polished both in the field and especially in the batters box.

He made a lot of errors last year, but many of those were "learning errors." He had to learn not to try and make certain plays; he began to better understand his defensive limitations. But even now, by all accounts his defense up the middle is more polished than Campbell's, Andrus', or Escobar's.

In the batters box his experience at the collegiate level has given him the patience of a more seasoned player. His good on-base ability has opened up more hitting opportunities for him and enables him to use his other big asset - his plus speed - to take the extra base.

At any rate, he is now ranked fourth in the Talking Chop 2007 Top-25 Braves Prospects (also displayed on the left sidebar), which bumps another middle infielder J.C. Holt from the list.

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