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Hall of Fame Open Thread

Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken are no-brainers, but is this the year that the writers catch up and elect several other deserving players to the Hall, and is there anyone more deserving than Dale Murphy. Yes this is a Braves blog, so we are Braves-centric in all things, but we are also realistic. But is everyone realistic? I've never been that big of a naysayer of ESPN analysts, but when I saw this it just made me question their collective logic: has 12 Hall of Fame voters among its contributors. And here are the votes they submitted for the Class of 2007. Those in bold received the 75 percent needed for election...

The only people they elected were Gwynn, Ripken - both easy picks - and Gossage, Dawson, and Rice. But they voted Trammell, Baines, Belle, Concepcion, and Garvey over Dale Murphy. Are they smoking a marijuana cigarette, and are they being cheesy enough to call it a marijuana cigarette?

Murphy: 398 HR, .815 OPS during the 70's and 80's (non-steroids era)

Garvey: 272 HR, .775 OPS
Concepcion: .670 OPS, does the fielding make up for that?
Belle: 381 HR, .933 OPS, career shortened by bad back (or was it steroids - if we ask the question of McGwire don't' we ask the question of everyone during the middle-to-late `90s)
Baines: 384 HR, .821 OPS
Trammell: .767 OPS, mainly a fielder
Rice: 382 HR, .854 OPS
Dawson: 438 HR, .805 OPS

I think a case can be made that none of these guys is more deserving than Dale Murphy, and all he got from the ESPN writers was one vote. Even the fan poll they conducted only netted Murph 26.6% of the vote. Add his numbers up with his two MVPs and his five gold gloves and I think it's a tough but manageable decision.

Oh well, Braves fans have the same complaints about this every year. Maybe one day he'll get elected. If anyone else has any thoughts on this I'd love to hear them. The official announcement comes at 2 pm today.

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