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Joe Moron

While we're on the subject of announcers today (and incase you didn't know, at least I am on the subject of announcers today), it seems important to check in with a blog that lambastes the worst announcer on the airwaves. No, not Torbung or Rathbut, but Joe Morgan. You absolutely must read the commented-on transcript from Joe Morgan's ESPN chat over at Fire Joe Morgan. Here is an excerpt from the insanity (FYI: KT is Ken Tremendous, the blogger at FJM):

[Question from] Bryant (Columbia, MO): Hey Joe, thanks for the chat. I was wondering where you would rank Griffey on the list of best outfielders of all time? If he'd stayed healthy, do you think he could have been the best ever? Thanks Joe

Joe Morgan: Well, you can't rank them 1 through 10, because there have been a lot of great outfielders. But he is in the top echelon. He was great defensively and he has over 500 home runs.

KT: (a) Didn't answer the question. (b) The question is where you would rank them, not where they objectively rank in some kind of chiseled-in-stone-tablet delivered-from-the-Mount kind of way. (c) There have been a lot of great everything, and people still find ways to rank things. (d) Stating that Griffey has over 500 HR is not analysis. It is fact. (e) You cannot -- you simply cannot -- be a top sports analyst if you never actually voice your opinion on anything.

It starts to degenerate from there. The long and short of it is that Morgan pretty much didn't answer one single question with an informed answer.

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