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Keeping them in the Park & Hitting them Out

Keeping them in the park and hitting them out; we seem to be doing both this year. Our pitching staff has only given up six homeruns, while are batters have belted out 20 round-trippers. Here is a breakdown of the homerun differential through Wednesday's games:

Rank Major League Team HRs Hit/Allowed +/-
1 ATLANTA 20/6 +14
2 Baltimore 15/8 +7
2 New York (AL) 17/10 +7
4 San Diego 13/7 +6
5 Boston 11/6 +5

Add to this impressive table that the six homeruns we have given up have all been surrendered by the starters (and none by Mark Redman). The Atlanta bullpen has not given up one single homerun in 44.2 innings pitched (please don't let that statement jinx them). Of course, the Atlanta bullpen does lead the majors in baserunners allowed - a whopping 15.72 baserunners per 9 innings pitched. The pen is also once again leading the way in walking people. Our rebuilt bullpen is tied for the most walks allowed (31) with the Florida pen.

This table also reflects the renewed quality of our starting pitching (tonight's plug not withstanding). The Braves are tied for the NL lead with nine quality starts this season. Compare that with last season when the Braves ranked 14th in the NL with just 71 quality starts. Certainly the resurgence of Tim Hudson and a full season of Chuck James should keep the Braves at or near the top of the league in this category all season.

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