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Mets Fans are...

So I did this Q&A thing with the top New York Mets blog creatively called MetsBlog. They're doing a series of Q&A's at the beginning of each series this year with a blogger from the opposing team, and I was chosen this time around for the Braves. You can read it here. As I was reading through the comments, I just couldn't help but crack up at some of them. Apparently, we Braves fans REALLY get under the skin of Mets fans. Check these out:

Boy oh boy, check out the title of their pregame previews. I know their team is called The Braves but the whole Native American thing they have goin' really makes 'em look a bunch of 3 toothed rednecks.

When did Native American = Redneck? Quite the opposite actually. But you can just feel the anger towards us in those words, and these:

I really don't like Braves fans. I don't see why they're so cocky. They've played the Nats, the struggling Cubs and the sinking ship Phillies 10 times already and have played 10 of their first 15 games at home. You would think narrowly beating the mets 2 our of 3 the first series of the year was the equivalent of winning the World Series for these yahoos.

Meanwhile the Mets have been playing the Nats, the struggling Cardinals and the sinking ship Phillies. Here's more:

That comment about duque and perez over performing really got my blood boiling.

They also seem to hate our announcers; at least they're completists when it comes to their hate.

I would love to know what they Braves fans think of the TBS announcers....I think that they are unwatchable.

Just had a converation about this very same topic with my friends about how bad the Braves announcers are. We were all switching back and forth between the Mets and Braves. They really do suck.

Love it! They are really fired up...and it's APRIL. A few things about some of these comments come to mind: (1) Wasn't Tim "F-ing" McCarver their announcer for a long he was is a bad announcer. (2) We inherited the Native American thing and all the craziness that goes with it. What's the Mets mascot...a city? (3) The worst gimmick in all of baseball is a papier-mâché apple that comes out of a hat every time the home team hits a homerun.

Oh well. To all those Braves fans out there, stay cocky. To all those Mets fans out there, Larry Wayne Jones.

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