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Draft Day for the NFL

It's a big day in the world of sports. We take a bit of a break from baseball for a moment to watch a bit of the NFL Draft. Consider this an open thread for discussing picks and such...if there are actually any Falcons fans out there.

You can also check in on the Falcons SBN Blog, called The Falcoholic. It's a great blog for the underfanned Falcons. They are hoping that the Falcons don't trade everything to pick Calvin Johnson:

Let's face it, we've been down this road before. Michael Vick was all freaky athleticism and marketability. He was billed as the next greatest thing. We sacrificed draft picks we could've used to get him, and where has that gotten us? To where we are now: a 7-9 team with a shell of a receiving corps and defense. A team with multiple off-the-field problems

It takes a good team to win in this league.

All of you who are from Atlanta probably know that it's rather "un-cool" to be a Falcons fan. I've always wondered why that is, but I think it has to do with years of losing coupled with a whole lot of northern transplants that already root for other teams. Of course, it's probably mainly the years of losing.

In a way the Braves are vulnerable to the same thing. Just look at the attendance for Mets games or Cubs games or Red Sox games - all these northern transplants who root for the Braves when they're winning, but don't care a lick when they're losing. Of course, the Braves have probably cemented more of a fan base due to their years of winning, but what might happen to our base if we endured years of losing... I shudder when I think of it.

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