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Interview with Minor League Outfielder Brandon Jones

I caught up with young outfielder Brandon Jones this spring in the Braves dugout before a spring game in which he was up from minor league camp. Like most of these minor league guys he was very eager and willing to be interviewed and had a real great attitude throughout. He has a really great slight southern drawl and a very calm demeanor. I for one would like to see him in Atlanta sooner rather than later.

Martin Gandy: How are things coming along this spring?

Brandon Jones: Doing pretty good man. I'm coming off of shoulder surgery back in August, so just trying to get back into the swing of things, you know.

MG: What was it that was operated on in the shoulder?

BJ: They had to go and do something to my rotator cuff; I don't know exactly what it was.

MG: Would you define yourself as more of a speed guy or a power guy?

BJ: I can do a little bit of both. Often I just try and stay in the gaps, you know.

MG: How is the surgery affecting your power or your swing?

BJ: I'm all the way back from the surgery, it didn't bother me none, man. I rehabbed the whole off-season, so I'm pretty much back in shape.

MG: You moved pretty rapidly through the system, can you explain that; do you feel good about that?

BJ: I guess feel good about it, you know. Evidently they like me so I just go out there and try to play, man; do what I can do, man.

MG: Do you pattern yourself after any particular player?

BJ: Not really, I just try to be myself.

MG: What level do you see yourself starting at this season?

BJ: I think I'll be back in Mississippi this year.

MG: Are you working on anything in particular this spring?

BJ: Not really, I'm just trying to get good pitches to hit so I can get game ready for the season.

MG: What does it mean to be around the big league guys in spring training?

BJ: Awe man, feels pretty good, you know. I'm trying to take in what they're giving me, so I'm trying to better myself as a player.

MG: How about with a last name of Jones, that's a pretty good pedigree there, right?

BJ: Yeah, it's pretty good, you know. I'm just trying to be where they at.

MG: How did you handle the longer road trips at double-A?

BJ: Man, I just try to get as much rest as I can, man. At first it was tough, but once you get used to it, it's no big deal.

MG: How is playing in Mississippi, is it hot?

BJ: Real hot. You've got to make sure you take plenty of fluids, man.

MG: Did you condition yourself any differently this off-season knowing you might be playing there again this year?

BJ: Not really. Like I said I rehabbed the whole off-season so I was on the program they gave me.

MG: What was your favorite place to play so far in the Braves system, and why?

BJ: Mississippi, because of the stadium. The stadium was great, man. A great place to play at.

MG: Thanks a lot Brandon, good luck to you.

BJ: Thanks.

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