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Francoeur and SENAPS

I was trolling around the other SB Nation sites yesterday and came upon the Nationals site, Federal Baseball. Naturally, they are ecstatic about their team this year and all of its wonderful potential...especially their pitching staff - which consists of has-beens and journeymen and some never-were's. So they created a special stat called "Fielding-Unassisted Precisionlessness" which includes BB + HBP + WP, and is abbreviated F-UP. Needless to say I was bent over laughing at that for the better part of ten minutes or so and it got me thinking that the Braves need a stat made for them. Or more specifically, perhaps a Braves player does.

Now I'm not usually one to pick on any one player, but poor Jeff Francoeur makes it so easy with his monstrous swings at pitches. So I thought about it yesterday on the ride home and finally came up with a stat called SENAPS (trying to be a play on the word synapse). It stands for this:

Approach to

It's basically a calculation of how many times Frenchy waves wildly at the ball with his bat - above and beyond what a normal player would. When Jeff is at bat his SENAPSes are usually firing in rapid succession which can result in any number of unintended results - I hope you get the picture. Perhaps we'll have to do a special Noc-A-Homa... that predicts number of SENAPSes for the night. Anyway, that's my dig-du-jour on the French-ster. Though, I'll probably be referring to this throughout the season.

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