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Braves Trade McBride

The Atlanta Braves announced that they have traded left-handed reliever Macay McBride to the Detroit Tigers in exchange for left-handed reliever Wilfredo Ledezma.

Ledezma has primarily been a reliever in his five-year major league career, but he has made 33 starts out of the 106 games he has appeared in, though none have come this year.

I'll have more on the trade as more details become available.

Joey Devine was also recalled, but I'd imagine it will be much like the last time he was recalled where he didn't make it into a game. He's simply there in case of emergency because Ledezma likely won't arrive until Friday's game.

Update [2007-6-20 17:32:5 by gondeee]:

This trade makes me think back to Monday night’s game against the Red Sox where McBride couldn’t get the last out with a six-run lead. Cox looked real peeved having to get up Soriano and Wickman and eventually bring Wickman into the game. Is seems like the Braves may have lost confidence in McBride and just felt he needed a change. Perhaps the same could be said for Ledezma:

The deal could allow the Tigers to make room in the bullpen, as Ledezma is out of minor league options -- meaning if the Tigers tried to send him down, they could have lost him to another team.

So… we traded for a guy who was going to be sent down to the minors but for the fact that he was out of options. ‘Dez is a pitcher with a history of wildness that has continued this year. I find this trade a real head-scratcher. The only real "reasons" I can see for the Braves making this move are (1) they did lose confidence in McBride and (2) Ledezma’s one of those guys the organization has coveted for a long time – he’s a hard thrower and he’s left-handed… but still, it's a real head-scratcher.

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