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Open Thread and Noc-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta: Tigers at Braves (6/23)

Update [2007-6-23 14:42:6 by gondeee]:

After a lineup change Chipper Jones IS in there and batting 4th. Here is the updated lineup:

Harris, Johnson, Renteria, C. Jones, McCann, Francoeur, A. Jones, Thorman, Davies

Update [2007-6-23 14:16:16 by gondeee]:

A bit of a linup change today as Willie Harris and Kelly Johnson switch places. Also, Chipper Jones says he feels a lot better today and would like to play, but as of now he's not in the lineup. He admits that "there's some pressure to get back in [the lineup]" with the way the team is struggling lately, including four shutouts since he's come of the DL. Chipper is taking BP, so we'll see if there is a late lineup change.

Lineup: Harris, Johnson, Renteria, McCann, Francoeur, A. Jones, Thorman, Escobar, Davies.

 Today's Starting Pitchers

 K. Davies
 J. Verlander
3-6 W-L 8-2
5.65 ERA 2.90
45 SO 74
34 BB 32
10 HR 7
-- vs.

Game Time: 3:55pm on

So it's gotten this bad. Three shutouts in a row, and now we have to face possibly the toughest pitcher we've seen in the last four days. A guy who threw a no-hitter two starts ago - against a team that could actually hit (Milwaukee). Now this really reminds me of last June. Chipper's out and everyone seems to be collectively struggling.

Smoltz deserved better last night. He said after the game, "tonight I was good enough, it just didn't work." Probably the best thing Smoltz said after the game was this; "You can't worry about whose in the lineup. We can sit home and dry about it all we want, but we've got to get it done without Chipper." He always knows just what to say, and he's not shy about saying it.

If there was a silver lining last night it was the ninth inning appearance of our newly acquired pitcher Wilfredo Ledezma. He came on in the ninth and proceeded to strike out the side, and looked pretty impressive doing so. While watching Jim Leyland make pitching changes early in the game I can see why Ledezma may not have flourished under his system. Leyland was making all sorts of changes in the middle of innings, pulling pitchers with no one on base who were pitching well. Perhaps the style that Cox uses most often - letting relievers throw full innings - will suit Ledezma better than Leyland's observed style.

Last Night's Box Score >>

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