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One Surprise, One Expected, and One Snub for the Braves All-Stars

In a bit of a surprise, Brian McCann made the team as the reserve catcher behind starter Russell Martin from LA. McCann was voted in by the players even though he's having a bit of an off-year. Despite McCann drop in production from last year, he still has the second highest OPS of any National League catcher.

John Smoltz was also voted on to the All-Star team by the players, and with the year he's having he certainly deserves to make the team.

The one player from the Braves who was snubbed is shortstop Edgar Renteria. He has the highest batting average and highest OPS of any National League shortstop. Certainly there is a lot of competition amongst NL shortstops, but Renteria seemed to be a lock to make the club. In a further snub, he wasn't even included as one of the five in the "NL Final Vote." This is a major shock especially considering that Tony LaRussa, the NL All-Star manager who is responsible for selecting several of the players, is one of Renteria's former managers - and even he seemingly overlooked Edgar.

Update [2007-7-1 19:36:40 by gondeee]:

After watching on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight the awkward free-for-all that was the discussion of who should be at shortstop for the NL All-Star team, I think the snub of Renteria goes deeper than people looking at the numbers think. It’s more than a snub of the best hitting shortstop in the NL; it is the snub of someone who quietly goes about his business verses Rollins and Reyes who are showboats on the field and in the batters box. Even though Rollins didn’t make the squad, the discussion seemed to indicate that he was the next logical choice after Reyes. J.J. Hardy, the NL reserve, has 18 homers, but he had an awful June where he returned to a below average performance. Ugh! I know it’s somewhat of a popularity contest, but I just can’t see how the other players and even LaRussa didn’t recognize that Renteria deserves to go. /soapbox

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