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Sunday Surfing the Enemy

While the Braves were having record crowds this weekend, including the highest regular season attendance at Turner Field, the poor Marlins drew their smallest crowd of the season on Thursday; just 10,344 people to see them play the Reds. Of course, over the span of their four game set with the Reds this weekend, they were able to win 3-of-4 games, something we certainly couldn't do. They did it be outscoring the Reds 35 to 13. Somehow we only managed to score 12 runs against them in our three-game set.

Someone mentioned trying to acquire Scott Olsen from the Fish recently. Well, that may be a bit more trouble since his was arrested for DUI over the weekend. As you can see by his mugshot, he was resisting - oof! Interestingly, Dontrelle Willis was apparently following him in another car. Fishstripes has all the details.

The New York press is having a feeding frenzy over when Pedro Martinez will return, and Mets GM Omar Minaya seems to be changing his message:

"I'm hoping August," Minaya said of Martinez's return. "That has always been the date."

However, moments later Minaya said, "I've said all along that anything Pedro gives us this year is extra."

Well that sounds like he may have indeed had a setback and may not return this season as previously thought. I'm not shedding a tear.

The Mets new stadium is coming together.

It seems like Celebrate 10,000 will keep counting, but without as much fanfare. Look out, we'll be the next to reach 10,000 losses, but it will be more than several years down the road.

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