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Open Thread and Noc-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta: Braves at Giants (7/25)

 Today's Starting Pitchers

 C. James
 N. Lowry
8-7 W-L 10-7
3.58 ERA 3.55
80 SO 70
47 BB 62
16 HR 6
-- vs.

Game Time: 10:15pm on

Wow, I'm kind-a glad I didn't stay up for that one. I would have been angry as hell for four innings, and then I would have been tired as can be this morning after staying up until after 2am last night. But, I was asleep, so I just had the pleasure of looking over the box score this morning, relaxed and refreshed. West coast games are cruelty to workin' folks.

We won, so it's probably not worth belaboring the problems with Wickman. He has been a lot better lately, but of course, he had to blow yet another Hudson victory. Mark Bowman put it best as he opened his recap of last night's game: If Tim Hudson ever provides this sort of dominant performance again this year, Braves manager Bobby Cox might want to use somebody other than Bob Wickman to serve as his closer for the evening. Amen to that!

Don't forget to get your picks in before the game for Nok-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta (click here to learn how to play and to view the leaderboard); the three categories are (1) Attendance, (2) Pick to Click, and (3) Above and Beyond Pick.

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