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The Many Problems with a Tex - Salt Trade

In all the trades and rumors being bandied about the baseball-verse, no one's really thinking about the human impact of the rumored Jarrod Saltalamacchia - Mark Teixeira trade.

It would be a devastating blow to many fans and some announcers, including Skip Caray, who just learned out to properly pronounce Saltalamacchia. The butchery of Salty's name by so many is priceless:


The fans and Skip would now have to go through weeks of learning how to pronounce Teixeira.


Perhaps for the sake of some fans and some announcers this trade shouldn't be made. I can only imagine what version of either of these names would come out of the mouth of Skip's father, Harry Caray.

On the rumor front, this little tidbit at the bottom of the New York Post's baseball notes column is rather interesting:

Several executives believe the Rangers have an acceptable package for Mark Teixeira with the Braves in place - centered around switch-hitting catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia - and are just waiting to see if another club (the Angels and maybe the Dodgers) will do better before Tuesday's deadline.

That means it's close. The World Wide Leader's Buster Olney brings up some good points about why this trade could turn out to be a blockbuster:

The Braves would get a middle-of-the-order slugger who theoretically would give them a lineup comparable to that of the Mets, and the fact Teixeira went to Georgia Tech would ease his transition to the team. (I would be shocked, though, if the Braves trade Salty without getting some kind of pitcher back in the deal; they need a staff upgrade, and the catcher gives them the best chance to get that.)

Over at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal seems to think we're giving up our top three prospects for Teixeira:

The Braves, major-league sources say, have made the Rangers a whopper of an offer for first baseman Mark Teixeira.

The Rangers evidently would receive three highly regarded young players -- catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Class AA left-hander Matt Harrison and Class A shortstop Elvis Andrus -- while sending the Braves only Teixeira.

True rumors or not, I just have a feeling something's going to happen. I just hope I'm happy with it when it does.

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