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Fredo, You Broke My Heart

What an obnoxious loss. Eric Byrnes continues to hold a steady spot in my personal Top Ten Worst Things That Exist list. Let's see what the Braves had to say about last night:

"I'm not talking anymore," said Ledezma.

Whatever. He's probably a dick, but more importantly: who will make the cattier comment in response, Dave O'Brien or Mark Bowman??


[Ledezma] couldn't recall when he'd been interviewed after a game since coming from Detroit in a June trade.


"We hit the ball to the wall all night long," Cox said. "The ball just wasn't going for us."

If he were talking, Ledezma would have to confirm the ball was at least traveling for one team in the latter innings.

Wow, I'm actually gonna have to give the edge to Bowman, there. O'Brien does include this gem that Bowman of course leaves out of the official write-up:

When asked if Reyes would get another start, Cox said, "I don't know who the [expletive] else I'd start."

But really, the best of the morning has got to be this curiosity from the weekly Frenchy Fun Facts article:

"He's going to drive in 100, and he's playing a great right field," manager Bobby Cox said of Francoeur, who had three errors and 13 outfield assists, after totaling nine errors and 13 assists in 2006. "And you don't ever have to worry about him playing. He was sick all night [Thursday], vomiting."

It's really rare that I call TMI on a quote having to do with a ballplayer, but dang, Bobby.

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one writing about this game who used the above title. I mean, there's just no way.

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