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Dotel in the Works?

Let's just go ahead and change half the team today, no biggie. From Rosenthal:

The Braves could be on the verge of not only acquiring the best hitter on the trade market, but one of the best relievers as well.

In addition to reaching a preliminary agreement for Rangers first baseman Mark Teixeira, the Braves are close to a deal for Royals closer Octavio Dotel, according to major-league sources.

The Braves, Indians and Dodgers are the three finalists for Dotel, sources say. Royals general manager Dayton Moore, previously an executive with Atlanta, is intimately acquainted with the Braves' farm system.

The addition of Dotel would give the Braves a trio of formidable right-handers in the late innings -- Dotel, Rafael Soriano and Bob Wickman.

The Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers and Mariners also have shown interest in Dotel.

The best part about this trade to me would be that Dotel doesn't have a lot of innings on his arm this year. He debuted in late May and has only been in 24 games totally 23 innings. That would be a huge boost to a bullpen that is showing signs of overuse.

We'll see what develops...

Update [2007-7-30 16:39:45 by gondeee]:

This updated from Will Carroll at BP:

According to Ken Rosenthal, Dayton Moore is rooting around his old stomping grounds looking for a return on Octavio Dotel. One source from another team thinks that the Braves are the third party involved in a three-way Dotel-driven deal.

Hey, a 3-way would be cool. Right now I'm afraid to walk away from my computer for 2 minutes for fear that something big will happen and I'll miss it.

Update [2007-7-30 18:15:55 by gondeee]:

Here is the scoop from the Kansas City Star:

The Royals appeared to ready to trade veteran closer Octavio Dotel to the Atlanta Braves on Monday afternoon for right-handed starter Kyle Davies.

Neither club has yet offered official confirmation, although several sources indicated a deal was tentatively in place.

The holdup appears to be on the Braves’ end and concerns their ability to work out final details on a trade earlier in the day in which they acquired first baseman Mark Teixeira and reliever Ron Mahay from the Rangers for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, shortstop Elvis Andrus and two pitching prospects.

FYI, Octavio Dotel has a player option for $5.5 million for next season.

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