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Are we Making a Move for Arroyo?

There were some rumblings yesterday about a push to try and get a starter, notably Reds number two man Bronson Arroyo. This is a tidbit posted today from a Reds beat writer:

Word is Braves are pushing for Bronson Arroyo. Jo-Jo Reyes is one of the players being offered. That would be hard to sell to the fans.

With what Jo-Jo has shown on the major league level (which is not much) that could be a steal for the Braves, who desperately need an upgrade in the fifth (if not also the fourth) spot(s) in the rotation.

In other ex-Brave trade news, the Yankees acquired Wilson Bet-a-MEET for reliever Scott Proctor. Now wouldn't that have been a better trade than the one we spun off last year that sent Wilson to the Dodgers for the soon-to-be free agent Baez and the unfortunate catastrophe of Willy Aybar? Oh well, in hindsight that would have been preferable.

Update [2007-7-31 15:17:17 by gondeee]:

It looks like Yunel Escobar may be a sweetener that is being added to the Arroyo trade:

The other name I heard in the Braves-Bronson Arroyo talk was Yunel Escobar, the highly rated shortstop. He was Atlanta's second-round pick in 2005. He's a Cuban defector.

Humm, that still might be a good deal, but our minor league depth everywhere is evaporating.

Update [2007-7-31 15:30:42 by gondeee]:

From Will Carroll at BP:

The Braves have made a late push for Bronson Arroyo, including Yunel Escobar in the previous offer of Jo-Jo Reyes. The Reds will make a decision quickly and the Braves are said to have "two Plan Bs." Wouldn't that be a Plan C?

I wonder what our Plan B (or C) is/are?

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