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Evil Davies Rides Again

Well, now Bobby is openly agitated and something's gotta give. Evil Davies has thrown his last lame assed two inning start: he must be destroyed. But who's the man for the job? Who will finally figure out what's up and come to Good Davies' rescue? I'm not holding my breath for McDowell to save the day, but it looks like Heap is starting to suspect something . . .


Last night, at Dodger Stadium . . .

Good Davies: /locked in a closet, unconscious

Evil Davies: Heh heh heh.
Evil Davies: Let's do this thing . . .

Evil Davies: /gives up a walk
Evil Davies: /a double
Evil Davies: /a single
Evil Davies: /wipes face with shirt to hide evil grin

Heap: /runs out to mound
McDowell: /follows

Heap: Hey, Kyle, you feeling alright out here?
Evil Davies: Why, yes, Brian, I'm fine.
McDowell: /yawns
McDowell: Well, if you say so.
Heap: (( . . . "Brian"? Did Kyle just call me "Brian"??))

Heap: ((Wait a minute . . .))
Evil Davies: Don't worry, gentlemen, I'll retire the next batter.
Heap: ((Something's not right here.))
Ump: Okay, let's go!

Heap: /trotting back
Heap: Psst! Hey, Roger!
McDowell: Huh?
Heap: Did Kyle seem . . . weird to you?
McDowell: /stares
McDowell: Who the hell is Kyle?

Later . . .

Heap: /homers
Evil Davies: Alright, Brian, excellent work! I sure hope we don't lose the lead you just gave us, ha ha! That would be quite disappointing!

Heap: ((What the hell . . .))

Back in the dugout . . .

Frenchy: YAYYYY!
Heap: Hey, thanks . . .
Heap: /pulls him aside
Heap: Listen . . . does Kyle seem strange to you sometimes? Like today . . . he just seems different somehow. I can't figure it out.
Frenchy: Well . . . he's sucking, if that's what you mean.
Heap: Yeah, but -- it's more than that. Like, he called me Brian.
Frenchy: /frowns
Frenchy: Who the hell is BRIAN?
Heap: Oh well, I guess I'll ask him about it after the game . . .

Evil Davies is taken out of the game, wanders back to the clubhouse . . .

Evil Davies: Oh, woe is me!
Evil Davies: /turns the corner
Evil Davies: /grins
Evil Davies: Mwhahahaha!

Evil Davies: /throws open a broom closet
Good Davies: /falls out
Evil Davies: C'mon, you weakling, time for you to mope out there in the dugout. I had to make this a quick one, I've got plans downtown.
Good Davies: /moans
Good Davies: Why are you doing this??
Evil Davies: /unties him
Evil Davies: Nothing personal, broseph, but I've got money on the Mets winning the division.

After the game:

Good Davies: /holds back tears
Good Davies: "I have to make an adjustment. If I don't, I'm going to keep getting beat up."

Heap: Hey Kyle, are you okay--
Good Davies: Just leave me alone, Heap, alright? I've got a lot on my mind!
Good Davies: /runs for the team bus
Heap: Hmmmmmm . . .


If anyone can figure things out and salvage Good Davies' reputation, it's Heap. I just hope it happens soon . . .

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