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Poorw Wittle Barwey

From the local news (hat tip: glevin): promising to sue anyone who makes false or misleading statements about him, two San Francisco area attorneys said Monday.

Attorneys John Burris of Oakland and Todd Schneider of San Francisco said Bonds has retained them "in connection with legal issues arising from the myriad of false statements attributed to him by players, the media and others."

The attorneys, who are veteran civil rights litigators, said they believe "such statements are defamatory and have legal consequences."

They said they "want the public to know that Barry's silence in the face of the accusations should not be construed as an admission of any kind."

In fact, Burris and Schneider said Bonds retained them "because of the false nature of these statements."

My first impression was that of a kid in the schoolyard telling another kid who is making fun of him, "I'm going to sue you," or even better, "my daddy's gonna sue you." Oh crap, I hope Bar' can't sue me for that.

Can I say though that Bar' is treating this with the classless arrogance that has pretty much defined his entire career, so why should we be surprised? My honest guess is that he's trying to deter anyone else with a last name of Canseco from detailing more of what he has allegedly done.

Still, not even Bar' can stop us from this...

Blackout the Ted!!!

One more thing:

Burris said Bonds didn't speak out while he was pursuing the home run record, which he finally achieved last week, because "he was highly focused on setting the record and didn't want to break his concentration."

Really, focused on the record!? How about being focused on helping the Giants win! Maybe that’s why the Giants are in last place and are one game away from being the worst team in baseball! This just furthers the notion that the whole Bonds breaking the record thing is nothing more than an embarrassing sideshow - one that has truly hurt the San Francisco Giants.

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