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So Much for Aybar

Has there been a weirder story for the Braves this year than Willy Aybar? First he was late to spring training with apparent visa problems (common for Latin players), then he essentially went AWOL from the team. That turned out to be the beginning of a drug/drinking problem for which he apparently went to rehab and recovered. As early as a week ago there was talk that he could return for the stretch run to help the team, but now we get word that he will miss the rest of the season after undergoing surgery today to repair a broken hamate bone in his right hand. This is likely left over from a similar injury he suffered last year after we acquired him which caused him to miss several weeks towards the end of the season. He also injured the hand again early this season.

Oh well, I guess we can put him with Hampton in the who-knows-what-to-expect-from-him-next-year category.

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