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Open Thread and NAHWAL: Braves at Reds (8/21)

 Today's Starting Pitchers

 Jo-Jo Reyes
 Bobby Livingston
0-1 W-L 3-3
8.72 ERA 4.70
7 SO 23
15 BB 8
7 HR 7
-- vs.

Game Time: 7:10 on

Now that's how you treat the Reds, boys. I was worried about Huddy at first, but he didn't look terrible, just not '07 Huddy-esque (or '03 Huddy-esque, since we're invoking him, lately). He does have some advice for Tex (Mark? I still hate "Tex," but none of the other nicknames I've tried have stuck), who homered twice again last night:

"Maybe we should spit in his food everyday and make him throw up."

The plot thickens! But who spit in his food in the first place? Andruw is too spaced out to be very vindictive - Thor, maybe? Was it the song, Thor? The network actually has a commercial involving the song now, and they had me wondering for a moment last night if it was an inside job made to look like a fan creation, but then I remembered the "Thorman stinks and Julio is old" line, so probably not. Plus, when most of the network created commercials look like this, I really shouldn't even be giving them that much credit.

Now for Jo-Jo, just to mix things up, I guess. Last time he was up, did anyone else notice that he wore glasses in the dugout but not on the mound? Could be that he prefers contacts when he's pitching, but we might have a Rick Vaughn-type situation on our hands, here - Heap, get on it!

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