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Open Thread and Noc-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta: Rockies at Braves (8/3)

 Today's Starting Pitchers

 John Smoltz
 Jeff Francis
10-5 W-L 11-5
2.84 ERA 4.12
117 SO 102
26 BB 37
10 HR 16
-- vs.

Game Time: 7:35 on

I got talked into going to trivia at a bar last night, promised that the game would be shown there . . . of course when we arrived our group had picked a table in the worst location possible, right underneath a TV that I had to destroy my neck to try and see. In the next room, there was a giant projection screen showing the game, and I kept volunteering to turn in trivia answers so I could stand in there and watch a few at-bats. One of them was Teixeira's (I'm still working on the nickname), and I just knew he was going to hit that homer and tie the game. I was jumping up and down, running back into the other room to give my largely indifferent friends the news, going on about how great this trade was, etc etc . . .

Then we got home just in time to see Rent injured and a pitcher I previously thought was our rightful closer give up a slam. I literally CANNOT watch extra inning games against the Astros (I was just coming back to baseball after a long hiatus at the end of 2005, and the 18-inning game was the first one that really gave me that "I'm going to die if we don't win this" feeling again . . .), so I went to bed around the 11th or something, dejected. I'm glad I didn't stay up for the whole thing, though apparently Matty was valiant as usual.

Rent getting hurt feels like such a bad omen, but hopefully it's not serious. I can't go through another ankle injury with one our best hitters out when we need him most. And speaking of that, yes, I had a heart attack when Heap got plunked on the elbow, and I had to sit there keeping my reaction under control while someone at my table called him "Todd McCann."

Oh, and on a semi-related note: yogurt? NOT a good hangover food. What was I thinking??

Don't forget to get your picks in before the game for Nok-A-Homa-Win-A-Lotta (click here to learn how to play and to view the leaderboard); the three categories are (1) Attendance, (2) Pick to Click, and (3) Above and Beyond Pick.

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