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Open Thread and Tim Hudson: Mets at Braves (8/31)

Let's finish August on a good note, eh! I'll be attending the Braves "Power Lunch" at the ESPNZone this afternoon where AJ, Chucky, Buddy, and Kali will all be in attendance and answering questions for the fans. I'll be there as part of the "media," shhhh, don't tell anyone I'm a blogger. But hey, I'll probably give it better coverage than most of the MSM will. Check back just before game time for an update on what went on at the `Zone, maybe even some pictures.

To get this Mets series started off right, I thought I'd get Tito and the Gun Show to sing us that song of theirs. By the way, they'll be performing it live at the stadium before the today's game; here is a nice little article about them. And here is there appearance on FSN the other day:

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