Who is our top third base prospect now?


In reading some of the Kotsay rumors here, I saw Eric Campbell's name mentioned as possible trade bait.  He isn't, apparantly, but it got me thinking...if he left (or really even if he stays), who is our big stud at third base for the future?

Eric Campbell has attitude issues, if you believe what you hear, and he gets hurt a lot.  But when he's going good, he's a beast.

Van Pope - will he be able to hit above AA?

Chase Fontaine - the man without a position.  Could he find himself at third?

Danny Brezeale - he was awful at Rome.

Shults, Freeman - maybe?

Might we see the Braves move Brandon Hicks, Michael Fisher, or Travis Jones to third?  Heck, I say give Robert Marcial a shot there as well - some consistent playing time would do him some good!

The bottom line is Chipper is getting close to retirement, as we all know.  I hope it's 3-5 years away, but you never know.  I just hope the Braves are grooming somebody to step in sooner rather than later to fill in Jones' sizeable shoes.

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